Crusader FAQ

Q: Can I turn it off if I want to?NPI Crusader - Online Reputation Management
A: Sure. There are no long-term contracts.

Q: How long after installation can I expect to start getting more great online reviews?
A: Well, that depends! Some practices see few patients each day. Some practices have more mature patients who might not be used to the whole review process. But on average, you should start to see an increase within 15 to 20 days. One week is not uncommon. Remember, once installation is complete, all patients with a mobile number are going to be getting texts after they leave your office. Have we seen it take one day? Yes, we have.

Q: Will it help minimize or eliminate bad online reviews?
A: Yes. This is one of several main benefits of NPI Crusader. As a practice owner, you still want the less-than-wonderful feedback; you just do not want the feedback online for all to see. Crusader diverts less-than-stellar reviews to YOU – away from your online properties.

Q: What is the installation/setup procedure for Crusader?
A: Mostly over the internet and some phone. Impact on practice personnel should be less than 30 minutes.

Q: Do I get notified when someone leaves us a new review on Google or Facebook?
A: Yes. Crusader will alert you via email. We recommend you share all of them with your team. It can be very motivational and reinforce good teamwork.

Q: Is my staff required to remember to do anything during a normal work day?
A: No. They can be completely absent! They can literally call out from work! Crusader will still promote the process of gaining awesome online reviews, on the most relevant review websites.

Q: Does my website developer need to do anything?
A: Nothing. Once you have a solid number of great reviews, you might want them to add a Google Review widget to your home page, but at the beginning – your website developer doesn't have to do anything.

Q: Does the dentist need to do anything?
A: Not really. Sit back and enjoy a consistently growing, positive, online reputation!